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Tile Flooring

The stone tile flooring typically has one of three types of finishes:  natural, honed, or polished. The finishing process of natural begins once the stone is quarried then cut into a rough slab. The rough slab face is polished with abrasive pads. They first start with extremely coarse abrasive pads and  then less coarse pads are used until the final buffing. Your tiles are then cut to size.   Natural surfaces are unfinished and have an earthy, dull appearance. Texture and pitting are characteristics of natural tile. Honed surfaces are achieved by terminating the finish process prior to buffing. The smooth, matte appearance is used for high-traffic and wet areas to prevent slipping and wear. Polished surfaces are highly reflective with a mirror-like finish. The process of achieving a polished finish is a benefit to the porosity of stone tile. However, it also creates a more slippery surface.  There are other types available that offer distinctive appearances and present their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of stone tile you choose and its intended application, you might opt for one of the other surface finish types. If you would like help picking out the best tile for you and your project, please contact us here at Everything Under Foot.