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Benefits of LVT

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are becoming very popular very fast. There is good reason to this because there are tons of benefit to using LVT. They come in many designs from getting a wood grain look, slate, or even look like a ceramic tile. LVT comes in glue down and you can also get them in click together versions as well. It is made of PVC layers that are composed together that bring us to our first benefit.

  • Durability- LVT is a very durable kind of flooring that has many vinyl pvc layers along with a protective wear layer that helps prevent those scuffs, dents, and scratches making this floor great for people with pets and putting it down in rooms that may take a lot of abuse.
  • Long Lasting- The durability and warranty on LVT’s makes it so you don’t have to worry about replacing your floor again anytime soon. Most of the LVT’s come with a warranty of 20 years and up.
  • Replacement- If you do end up getting a damaged tile then all you have to do is replace the tiles in the damaged area and lay down new ones making them very easy to replace rather than ripping up your whole floor and replacing it.
  • Selection- There is a style for everyone with so many different looks and styles to completely change the look of a room or your whole house.
  • Price- This flooring is an affordable option especially when looking at how long this flooring can last and how little maintenance you have to do to upkeep this kind of flooring.

Come to Everything Under Foot and visit our showroom at 188 Main Street in Hudson Falls, NY to see our extensive line on LVT’s. We have a lot of different looks and styles from many different high quality flooring manufacturers.