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Engineered Vs Solid Hardwood

Hardwood is a popular choice of flooring and adds great value to your home but you may be running into the question of should I go with the regular solid hardwood flooring or should I go with the engineered hardwood and what even is the difference between the two? Solid hardwood is one solid piece of wood whereas engineered hardwood made of many layers of plywood typically 5 to 7 layers that are put together in a crisscross pattern. They do this to try and help prevent your floors from moving and expanding and contracting when the temperature changes or the floor gets wet. The engineered Hardwood makes it able to actually be put into basements or places where moisture and temperature change a lot where with the solid hardwood you wouldn’t want much of a temperature change at all and defiantly would not want any moisture with a solid hardwood. A lot of the engineered hardwoods also come with a better scratch resistant wear layer on them as well. Engineered hardwood has its perks but there’s some things that it cant do that regular solid hardwood can. Solid hardwood will give you that solid feel when you walk on it that you might not get when walking on engineered flooring. Solid hardwood can also be sanded down and refinished many more times than a engineered floor can so you know once you have it down you have a solid floor that you wont need to change for many years to come. Come check out our extensive hardwood collection at Everything Under Foot on 188 Main Street in Hudson Falls NY.